How to win PUBG Mobile ? - Win Every Match In PUBG Mobile

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How to win PUBG mobile ? - Do you want to win every match in PUBG Mobile? But, the question is How to win PUBG mobile ? What are the tips & tricks to win PUBG Mobile ? So, Read the post carefully to get your answer.

How to win PUBG mobile ?

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game and everyone who play PUBG want to win match which is "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner."How to win PUBG mobile ? I share this things with my personal experience to win match in PUBG Mobile.
It is tough to control PUBG with a mobile. But here are some best tips and tricks to win PUBG Mobile. So, Let's get Started..
How to win PUBG mobile ?

1. Pick Common Weapon

Every map need different equipments to win every match. It is not possible to win match in every map with the same weapon. So, Pick this things on different maps -
For Erangel - Pick One Automatic Gun i.e, AKM, M416 etc. , Pick One Sniper i.e, KAR98K, AWM etc. And 1 Pistol
Don't think that Pistol is useless its help you when you knocked out someone and then kill them with your pistol. So that, your Bullets does not waste.

For Miramar - Pick One Sniper Always with you because it is a large map ! You can not find your enemy without using sniper with scope and 1 Rifle with at least one scope i.e, 4x, 6x.

For Sanhok - Pick Only Assault Rifle because It is not a large map. So, you don't need to carry any Sniper with you. However, Pick any one scope i.e, 4x or 6x.

2. Use Smoke and Frag grenade

If your friend is knocked out by your enemy and If you want to revive. Beware, Don't revive your friend at open area. Use smoke grenade and then revive your friend. Also, When looting Air Drop use smoke grenade So, your enemy only see smoke in Air drop but can not see you that you are looting.
Use Frag grenade - If you see your enemy under a house. So, just use your frag grenade. But, before throwing cook it. It means that wait for atleast 2 or 3 second before throwing it. So, your enemy have no time to protect himself from your nade.

3. Play as a team

Last but not the least, Most important before everything, I said. Play as a team is most important to win matches. Help your friends if they are in trouble. So, they will help you. One team is powerful than AWM, Grenade and everything.
So, Play as a team is most important.
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How to win PUBG mobile ?
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