Whatsapp Hidden Tricks - Amazing Whatsapp Hidden Tricks 2018

Whatsapp Hidden tricks - Have you ever heard about Whatsapp hidden tricks ? But the Hidden tricks is not actually 'Hidden'. It is just for to Prank with your friends.

Amazing whatsapp hidden tricks, NATJP

Whatsapp Hidden Tricks.
Everybody wants to be the đź‘‘Whatsapp King  or Queen. Many of your friends surprise you with some tricks on whatsapp and If you also want to Surprise your friends. You can use this Whatsapp Hidden Tricks.

1. How to send thousands of messages together on Whatsapp.

It is the first Whatsapp Hidden Tricks.
These whatsapp tricks is extremely full of fun. By this you can send so many messages to your friends at one go, so that they will feel that their phone has been hanged. It does not harm your friends phone. So, Don't Worry.

You send a good morning message once. Suppose you have to send 1000 of "good morning" messages then You will not be able to write. But with the help of the Text Repeater application you can type just once and convert it to thousands.

Then send it to your friends and hang up his phone. It's best to prank someone with whatsapp tricks. So, If you want to Download Text Repeater App Just Click Here.

2. Retrieving deleted messages

It is not a Whatsapp Hidden Tricks. But, If you want to Recover your Whatsapp Data. This may be work for you.
If you want to backpack your own Whipspace messages, then the easiest way is to uninstall it by uninstalling the application. And when you install your message from back, it takes you for it and after you have done this, it reinstalls your last 7 days of the message. If you want to see the old message on your android phone then its You have to use an app and go to whatsapp / database sdcard to see your backpack. You will need to change the name of the file you want to see and change the name of the file by going to Settings> application> whatsapp> clear data and restart it.

3. Bold your text on WhatsApp

It is another Whatsapp Hidden Tricks.
Nowadays everyone wants to look stylish and something new I'll tell you how to write thick black letters on whatsapp It's very easy,
Steps -

1. You have to open whatsapp,
2. You have to open the message of the person who has to messy letters.
3. Go to Reply and write Star * next to whatever you type and then start typing as soon as you write the full message, put a star from the back,
After considering the star, do not give space, it is to write directly the stick
Example - *like to write* , It will seen like this "like to write"

4. Send Blank Messages On Whatsapp

Surprise you friends by this Whatsapp Hidden Tricks.
By using the Blank Text, I will talk about my Blank Text Message. With the help of the Blank Text Whatsapp app, you can send a blank message to any whitespace. You can do this job only because of this app, in the Whatsapp default setting, this option is not available.

How to use?
- Go to the Google Play Store and install Blank Message For Whatsapp app.
Download this app from here.

- Now open the app and select how many words you want to send the Blank message, select it.
- Now you have to click get every character With New lienpar
- Now click on the Copy button
- Your blank message will be copied.
- Now go to the Whitesep number number you want to send and paste it.

5. Respond directly from a popup

It is also a Whatsapp Hidden Tricks
If you have a new message, then you go to the notifications and answer this by clicking on this message. Although we have an easy way. You can also reply directly to the notifications and reply to their message.

Go to Settings and go to Notifications and then go to Popup Notifications and choose one of 4 different options. You can also change this setting for a specific person's message or group message. Unfortunately this update is only available for Android.

I hope you like our article on Whatsapp Hidden Tricks. Please share with post on Whatsapp. So, your friends can also prank oyher peoples.
Whatsapp hidden tricks.

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