Important Features Of VPN (Virtual Private Network)

What is VPN? How to use VPN?

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Features Of VPN

We do a lot of work every day on the internet, as well as share or upload. What if all this data is leaked or if someone knows our search history then what if someone knows what is our password then one thing is to come up with some things from us, which has a VPN (Virtual Private Network)
What is VPN? How to use VPN?

What is VPN?

VPN is the software (in computer) or app (in smart phones) on one side that removes our original IP address and there is a second IP address appearing to the front, which has been given to us by our VPN provider.

This IP address is another location, so that we can not even get it. VPN help us to browse anonymosly web so that we can visit banned websites. VPN becomes point-to-point connection, in which no one can see our data in between
What is VPN? How to use VPN?

How to use VPN?

There are two types of VPN free and paid For Free VPN, you do not have to pay anything but there are fewer features available like advertises in free vpn or some VPN providers give low bandwidth. If your work is important or confidential, then you should use paid VPN so you do not want to get a free VPN. Yes, you have to pay a little bit but it is very safe, there is no advertisement show and you get unlimited bandwidth too .
What is VPN? How to use VPN?

How VPN Works?

VPN is a virtual-private network that creates a point-to-point connection between the client and server or creates a virtual tunnel called U and hides our IP address.

In which no one can steal our data and no one can trace us due to IP address hide hone.

How to use VPN in Computer?

To use VPN in Computer, you have to Download Betteret Software in your PC
To use Betternet, you will have to download it from its website How to use VPN in Computer?

Download Betternet From Here

How to use VPN on Android?

We will talk about Turbo VPN because only a few clicks have been installed and used it.

To use Turbo VPN, first you have to download it from the play store, you can search it in the play store or click on the link below.

Download Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN mobile
How to use VPN on Android?
Now you have click install to have an app of approximately 10 MB so it will not take much time to install

Turbo VPN mobile

After installing, you will have it open, after that you will see a button in front which will be called 'tap to connect' and you have click on it and shortly after that your VPN will be started. .
What is VPN? How to use VPN?

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